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Back to the Grind

So, today was my first day running since having Caleb. (And my first time running in about a year!) I had intended on getting started about a week after he was born, to get in shape enough to run the See Jane Run half-marathon. Hmm. That was probably the most ambitious/ridiculous goal ever. I wasn’t expecting to have a c-section again, and I had no idea how much more tired I would be with a newborn and 2 5-year-olds.

So, 3 months later, here I am. I’m not even close to being able to run a half marathon, so I signed up to run the 5K instead. A much more attainable goal for 4 1/2 weeks of training. I ran about 1 1/2 miles this morning. (Which sounds so little to me… ) But you have to start somewhere again, right? And Caleb did great too! So, here’s to many, many more runs!

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