Turning 5 and Starting School

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cimg1652The girls turned 5 on the 11th. I can’t believe I have 5-year-olds! But it’s been fun to watch them grow up, and each year understand  a little more what birthdays are about. Last year, I think I had to remind them it was their birthday. This year, they counted down every day for about 2 weeks. (And for about 4 months prior, everything they saw on tv went on their birthday list). Fortunately, when the 12th came, and I told them they had 364 days until their next birthday, we still had the party to look forward to.

We had a few friends over to celebrate- and of course put our grill to good use with another BBQ. The girls had a blast, and I’m sure got more presents than they needed. Between presents on their actual birthday from Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa, and then presents from 4 friends at their party, I’m pretty sure they’re set until Christmas. I’m hoping as we add more children to the mix, maybe we’ll try and simplify!

So, our next big step is starting (FULL-day) Kindergarten next week! And we found out who their teachers are today. Kendall asked last night, “What will she look like? What will she talk like? Will she be allergic to us?” I can only imagine the last question had to do with a cartoon she saw. Jason and I thought about it a lot, and we decided to put them in different classes. While we know it’s going to be for the best in the long run, I’m trying to prepare for whatever issues/meltdowns may come not-so-far down the road. Fortunately, they’ll still have recess and lunch together.

As sad as it is to say, I’ve actually been looking forward to this for the last… um… 3 1/2 years? Don’t judge. However, over the last couple months, as the girls have grown into little ladies, I’m realizing that I might actually miss them. I mean, I can certainly think of 800 things I’ll be able to do now with my time. But, until this next baby comes, I am going to miss hanging out, playing, and having dance parties with my little buddies! (However, I will love my childless errands to the bank, post office, and any other terrible place to take kids!)

See the whole birthday album here!

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