Dating and Kissing and Boys! (Oh My!)

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So, I really didn’t think I’d have to post something like this for at least 10 years… but I have to share the funny/scary story of the week. The following was the conversation I had with Kendall as I picked her up from her Primary class on Sunday:

Kendall: “Mom, this is Jamie. Can we set up a play date with him sometime?”

Me: “Sure.”

Kendall: “So, Jamie, do you want to come to my house, or should we go to your house?”

Jamie: “You should come to my house. I have a puppy.”

Kendall: “Hmm, maybe you should come to my house. Your puppy might bite me.”

Jamie: “No, my puppy doesn’t bite anyone.”

Kendall: “OK, so, Mom, can we set up a play date?”

Me: “Yes, but I need to find out who his mom is first.”

At this point, Jason and I are trying to drag both girls out of class to go home.

Kendall: “Jamie, what’s your Mom’s name?” “Mom, her name is Sharina.”

We’re now leaving and walking down the hallway.

Jamie: “NO! It’s not Sharina. It’s (no clue what he said)!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll figure it out and call her.”

Fortunately, we happened to pass them once more before we left the building, and I realized I know who Jamie’s mother is- “Trina.” We both laughed at our children trying to set up a play date, and promised them that we would do it.

Later that evening:

Kendall: “Mom, I have a secret to tell you… I kissed Jamie at church.”

I’m pretty sure 10 hairs turned gray. (Kendall recently kissed another boy on the cheek- and said to him, “We can’t kiss on the lips until we’re 16.”) So, Jason and I then had the discussion with the girls that they shouldn’t date, or even kiss boys on the cheek, until they’re 16. Well, I told them 16… Jason told them 21!

While all of this is slightly amusing, I don’t know if I’m ready to deal with this for the next 10-15 years.

3 Responses to Dating and Kissing and Boys! (Oh My!)

  1. michelle m says:

    love it- I totally laughed when I read the post. All I have to say is good luck… sounds like you might have a boy crazy one on your hands

  2. Alisa says:

    You’re strict. We told ours kissing on the cheek was fine, just no kissing on the lips ’til 16.

  3. Abbie Ferrin says:

    wow… how old are they now? I miss you guys.
    see you soon though 🙂

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