Simple Pleasures

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CIMG1939About 2 weeks ago, Morgan’s security “blanket” went missing. It’s really a slow, dying piece of a rag, that she has had since birth, but she still goes to bed with every night. She can go to sleep without it, but every night lately, the bedtime routine has been drawn out, because as soon as she lays down, she remembers it’s missing, and cries herself to sleep.

I have searched the house, garage, car, back yard, and called friends, whose houses we have, on many occasions, left things we’ve brought from home. I gave up hope a few days ago, assuming she took it somewhere (a store or park) and left it. It hasn’t made it easier for her, but at least I have stopped driving myself crazy looking for it.

Well, the girls didn’t have school today. And they subsequently spent a lot more time playing in their room. As I’m in the kitchen, I hear, “MOM!!! Sissy found her blankie!!” I run into their room, where we have a giant group hug for about 5 minutes. As we’re hugging, I look at them, and both are crying tears of joy! (Okay, so maybe those were leftover from fighting only moments earlier…) Still, it made me so happy to A. Have Morgan’s blanket back, B. See that Kendall was just as happy for Morgan as Morgan was, and C. Have such a simple pleasure bring about a wonderful moment!

In case you’re wondering, I asked Morgan where it was, and she said “under my pillow.” I didn’t believe her- because I had looked under her pillow only about 6 times. Then she showed me that it was in her pillowcase. I guess I didn’t look there. As embarrassing as this is to admit, last week Jason mentioned it was probably time to wash their sheets. (It’s always the last load of laundry I get to…) So, not only will it be nice for Morgan to go to sleep happily tonight, but it was also my “gentle” reminder that I should be more diligent about washing their sheets!

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  1. Amber Wells says:

    I image this will now make going to bed so much easier! I remember losing my security “blanket” (my teddy bear) many times when I was younger. I took that thing with me everywhere and subsequently left it everywhere, too! I can remember at least one occasion when my dad had to drive a good hour back to a friend’s house we had visited while on a road trip just to retrieve my bear. It will be interesting to see what item becomes Cy’s security “blanket”.

  2. Denise says:

    I took my blankie to college with me 🙂 Yay for blankies 🙂

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