We’re having a B-O-Y!

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ScanFor those of you who don’t use facebook, our main source of personal updating, we had our “20 week ultrasound” on Friday and found out that we’re having a boy! It didn’t matter to either of us what it was, but I have thought all along it was a boy. So, I feel justified in my maternal instincts. Jason has said it’s a girl, but as we left the hospital, he claims that he was just saying that to be difficult. 🙂

The girls were at school, and were counting down the days till they found out, so I took the ultrasound pictures when I picked them up. For those that don’t know, Morgan has been wanting it to be a boy, and Kendall has wanted it to be a girl. So, we knew someone was going to be disappointed. (I just didn’t know how much…) When I told them we were having a “B-O-Y,” Morgan said, “A Boy!!” Kendall stamped her feet, said, “Aww, darnit!” and about 3 seconds later, she started crying! It was sad, but still pretty funny. Her teacher was there, so she helped in cheering her up, telling Kendall all the fun things about having a brother. (And showing her pictures her son had taken with “Photobooth” on her mac computer.) Between that and being allowed to help come up with boy names, she’s been fine.

They gave me a due date of January 31st, and as nice as it is to have your due date moved up a couple days, it concerns me that he’s already starting to be a big baby. Plus, knowing that I have to be pregnant 4-6 weeks longer than the last (the girls were 6 weeks early) worries me that I’ll have a 9 or 10-pounder! Other than that, he is healthy and doing great. I feel him frequently now, and Jason felt him move for the first time last night. We’re already discussing names… but like the last, I don’t think we’ll have anything set in stone until after he’s born.

This second picture is a “face-on” shot. It was the least creepy looking one. I promise to post pregnant pictures soon. I have an undeniable pregnant belly now.
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  1. lindsey says:

    YAY for a boy! So fun, and this means…SHOWER!!!! Congrats!

    I would still love to get together this week for dinner. I can do tomorrow, wed (as long as i am done by 7) or friday (which i assume you’ll have a husband that day???). so let me know and you guys can head over after school.

  2. Abbie says:

    how did I not know you were having a baby??? I would like to talk to you some time. email me! clogfish@gmail.com.

    love you!!! Abbie

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