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Jason had surgery last Monday to basically re-build his right foot. After 4 hours of surgery and a few hours of recovery, Jason came out of his drug-induced coma with a brand new foot. Elaine was able to see the X-rays of the three screws, one piece of wire, and a few dozen staples, but it wasn’t until today that we were able to see the extend of the “damage.” Today Jason got the temporary cast replaced with a new bright pink fiberglass one. This change in cast allowed us to see what the doctors had actually done… which is create “Frankenfoot.” You can see from the pictures that there are two large incisions on each side of Jason’s foot, a medium size one going up the back of his foot, and a small incision at the heel of the foot.

We also got a copy of one of the x-rays to show the extend of the work done on the inside. From the x-ray you can see the one giant screw running through Jason’s ankle, and a few smaller screws criss-crossing along the top of his foot, with another wire holding a few other things together. The core procedure, a resection of a “tarsal coalition” involved a number of procedures including the cutting of some bones, the fusion of some bones, and one bone was even inserted into another in a type of “shunt.” And to top it all off the doctors cut his tendon in the back of his leg in order to give his foot more flexibility.

He’s not in pain anymore, but is going crazy being forced to be in bed for so long!

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